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Appendix E – Policy Review Committee

The Policy Review Committee (PRC) is a subset of the Operational Excellence Council and includes a number of Responsible University Officials (the “policy owners”). The members of the PRC may be rotated over time. PRC members have the following responsibilities:

  • Present to the Committee new University policies and policies with material changes for which they are the Responsible University Official.
  • Review and advise on policies brought to the Committee.
  • Recommend appropriate steps for communicating information about these policies to the University community.
  • Apply their collective knowledge of the University and their judgment in considering these questions about the policies brought to them for review and advice:
    • Are they reasonable and likely to operate as intended?
    • Do they take into account all of the University activities, organizations and people they are likely to affect?
    • Do they conflict with other University policies or guidance materials maintained outside of the University policy process?
    • Could they have unintended consequences that have not yet been identified during the policy review process?

The PRC meets three times during the fiscal year: November, February and May. They will elect a Committee Chair and will address urgent policy needs as they arise. If necessary, they are empowered to review and move draft policies forward that are of an urgent need. Any urgent requests for policy approval would be addressed through the PRC Chair. The PAC can review via email to expedite the process, subject to the PRC Chair’s discretion.

Members of the Policy Review Committee:

  • Gene Palma, Chief Administrative Officer and Associate Vice President
  • Robert DeCarlo, Chief Financial Officer and Associate Vice President
  • Perry Greene, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Chris Storm, Associate Provost for Faculty Advancement and Research
  • Maggie Yoon Grafer, Chief of Staff
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