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University Resources, Operations and Policies


Appendix C – Policy Impact Assessment

Policy Title:
Submitted by:
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:

Complete each of the sections below in 250 words or less:

  1. Background (What is the general guidance to be communicated? Is this a new or revised policy? Why is this policy necessary? Who is the policy owner?)
  2. Policy Statement (Briefly state what guidance to the University community this policy sets forth.)
  3. Reason for Policy (Why is this policy needed? Are there any time constraints for implementing this policy?)
  4. Overview of Policy Content (Briefly, who will benefit from the policy? Who will be affected? What are key roles and responsibilities?)
  5. Impact on the University (What is the general cost – human capital, technology, dollars, time – for implementing this policy? What office/department will incur this cost? What processes will have to change once this policy is implemented?)
  6. Key Stakeholders (Who should be consulted for comment before implementing this policy?)
  7. Training and Communications (What training, communication and/or education should occur to ensure successful implementation?)
  8. Other Key Matters (Include important dates and provide additional information or data not provided earlier.)
  9. Presentation (Will this policy be reflected internally or externally?)
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