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University Resources, Operations and Policies

Appendix B – University Policy Review Checklists

Policy Review Checklist for Comprehensive Review

In general, University policies represent the University’s intention with respect to an issue of institution-wide applicability. As such, policies often remain unchanged from year to year. They are more likely to change over a period of years as University business practices and applicable law and regulations are modified. Please consider the following as you review the current version of your policy and make the necessary revisions.

  1. Does the policy reflect current University business practices with respect to the topic?
  2. Is the policy current with respect to the University’s responsibilities under current law and regulations?
  3. Is the policy language clear? Does the policy include definitions for terms that are used in specific ways? Avoid the use of language that conveys that actions are taken with total certainty, such as “ensure,” “always” and “never.”
  4. Does the policy follow the current Policy Template? When a policy undergoes a comprehensive review, it is mandatory that it is revised to conform to the Policy Template. The objective in requiring this revision is to bring uniformity over a period of years to the University’s policies which will make them easier to use.
  5. Are implementation procedures accessible by links, rather than included in the policy?
  6. Is there a link to the policy from your organization’s web page? Additionally, is there a link to your organization’s web page from the policy? Is the content of the policy consistent with the content of your organization’s web page? Is the content of the policy consistent with other University publications, such as the University Bulletin or the Faculty Handbook?
  7. Is information listed in the policy’s Related Information section current, specific and useful? It is not required that the policy includes a link to the text of the applicable law or regulations. Instead, to maximize the usefulness of the policy, it may be preferable to make available a layperson’s explanation of the law or regulations as well as other guidance materials prepared by government agencies, industry organizations, etc. Furthermore, do not include links to general government agency sites, etc. (for example
  8. Are all links correct and current? Is contact information complete and current?
  9. Does the policy reflect current practice and technologies currently in use?
  10. Is the guidance in the policy consistent with the direction included in other University policies? Should the policy be combined with other University policies to simplify policy compliance? Can the policy be eliminated because it does not rise to the level of a University policy (as described on page 4)?
  11. Should the policy be internal-facing (e.g., require an Adelphi login) or external-facing (e.g., accessible to the public)?
  12. Are all dates listed in the Document History of the policy updated and accurate as possible? If the policy origination date is not known, indicate “Not Available.”

Policy Review Checklist for Limited Review

The purpose of a limited review is to determine that a policy remains current.

A limited review of a policy includes the following steps:

  1. Determine the following items of information are current and update them as necessary:
    • Contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.)
    • Job titles
    • Links to web pages within the University
    • Links to web pages outside the University
    • Document History fields in the policy template (see Attachment F), including the policy origination date
  2. Determine whether a policy requires revision due to changes in one or more of the following:
    • University business practices
    • Applicable law or regulations
    • Other University policies
  3. Determine whether any of the changes in #2 above are sufficiently material to require a work plan and timetable for revision and publication of the policy.
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