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University Policy Review Process Guide

Prepared by the Office of Internal Audit, part of the Adelphi University Finance Office

Over the past year, Adelphi University began an initiative with Baker Tilly, LLP to review our inventory of University policies. A primary objective of the review was to conduct an independent review of our policies and assess whether such policies needed revision in order to better reflect practices as well as changes in laws or regulations. Additionally, we wanted to benchmark our policies against best practices in the industry to ensure that we did not have any significant gaps in our policies. Baker Tilly provided a number of recommendations for our consideration and we have worked with the University community to evaluate the recommendations and modify our current policies.

We have completed this process and have compiled University policies into a single University Policy Library (UPL).

Given that the UPL will require ongoing support and maintenance, we have developed this Guide to assist in the process to review, update and maintain the UPL’s content. This Guide describes the process, clarifies roles and responsibilities, and includes references and tools that can be used by the various participants to complete the process. This Guide has been reviewed and approved by the University’s Executive Leadership (EL) team.

It should be noted that tools are mentioned throughout the guide and are shown in red text. Each mention functions as a link to the tool within the guide to make the tool readily available.
We have included flow diagrams to depict the key aspects of the processes to develop, update and remove policies from the UPL. These diagrams can be found in Appendix H of the Guide. We encourage your questions, comments and suggestions for ways to continually improve the Guide so that it is helpful to the people who have a role in the University Policy Review Process. Your comments should be forwarded to Jim Perrino, Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration (, as he has been designated the member of the EL team to oversee the UPL.


A.  List of University Policies by Name         

B.  University Policy Review Checklists         

• Comprehensive Review
• Limited Review

C.  Policy Impact Assessment

D.  Responsible University Officials and Policy Approvers 

E.  Policy Advisory Committee 

F.  University Policy Template

G.  Policy Library Webpage Template

H.  Procedural Flowcharts

  1. New Policy Development and Approval
  2. Removal of Policy from the Library
  3. Policy Library Updates
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