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Reviews Completed by the Operational Excellence Council

Work Order System

Facilities Management has begun implementation of the OEC’s work order system recommendations. During Summer 2018, staff received training on the Footprints system and have worked to close out work order tickets within the systems.  A campus-wide deferred maintenance system has been created and Facilities is using the work order system to create and track all deferred maintenance items that are receiving attention. Additionally, senior leadership has been able to access the system to customize various reports which have been integral in developing business processes to increase efficiency and strengthen internal controls within the department. The Department of Facilities will continue to further implement recommendations. At present, Facilities has implemented new procedures with their managers and forepersons reviewing all open and pending tickets weekly to assure that all requests are being they are responding promptly to all requests.

Next steps will include welcoming a Director of Administration and Quality Assurance within the department that will oversee the next phase of Footprints upgrades. The new director will work with Information Technology to develop new processes and procedures as well as new reporting matrices.

Student Web Portal


Account management in AU2GO has been simplified, allowing students, faculty and staff to enter their account info once in the app and remain logged it. As of December 2018 9,135 unique users have added their account to AU2GO since launch (note: this number includes those who have left AU, graduated students, etc.).

A total of 8,611 users have opted in to receive push notifications. A recently added Message Center now receives personalized notifications to an in-app inbox.

IT has worked with the LGBTQ+ Task Force to annotate the locations of all-gender restrooms on the campus map. Since launching in late Fall 2018 9,268 unique screen views have been tracked on the AU2GO campus map.

In addition, a “First Year Achievements” module was added to First Year Orientation where students can earn badges for completing tasks such as “making your deposit,” “Filing for FAFSA” and submitting your “Immunization Requirements.”


Using Lean methodology, the portal was rebuilt from the ground up, creating a more bespoke experience for individual users such as displaying and hiding elements on the portal based on the user’s role (e.g. students and faculty will see their list of courses for the semester, linking to Moodle; administration will not see this).

Since launching the new eCampus in Spring 2018, the system has seen 25,067 unique user logins. Students have expressed their satisfaction with the new eCampus and in at least one case, a community member expressed their interest: Footprints ticket 333933 recorded a chat with the HelpDesk in which the Registrar from Five Towns College reached out to find out what “platform” Adelphi uses as they were interested in it for their own portal. They were impressed to hear that it was homegrown!


Some of the recommendations have been implemented and are seeing positive results.

In June 2018 an auto-attendant call processor was created that provides the caller choices when calling both the 1(800)-ADELPHI and 877-3000 phone lines (press 1 for Admissions, press 2 for Student Financial Services, press 3 for Registrar, etc.).

A positive result of calls received during business hours is that all calls coming into the University on the two main numbers are now being redirected by the caller to the requested departments. This has minimized human error in transfers by the operator as well as overall calls being received by the operator. There has been a 75% reduction of calls being answered by the operators.

The after-hours menu on both phone lines are now operating in the same manner. Another positive result has been the standardization and consistency between both lines.

Work continues towards system improvement and to that end, IT has organized the Call Center Management Committee, which aims to improve service (increase calls answered, reduce call wait times) and reduce bottlenecks. Members receive training in running reports in the call center application; managers are also improving the training delivered to the staff that answer calls.

Individual high call volume departments such as Student Financial Services and Admissions continue to monitor call center reports and participate in the Call Center Management Committee in an effort to effect continuous improvement.

Early Termination of Residential Housing

A suggested improvement to the early termination of the residential housing agreement included a proposed fee for those residents wishing to end their contract prior to completion of the one year term.

Approval of the adjustment to the Residence Hall Agreement Policy will be determined by the Provost. The Provost is currently reviewing benchmark data and analysis on the fee amount before moving forward an approval.

Travel and Expense Reimbursement

The Controller’s Office, along with the departments of Purchasing and Information Technology will be looking at software options available to streamline and improve the travel and expense reimbursement process.

Non-Degree Application

The non-degree application process has undergone various improvements. Since Summer 2018, the Office of Admissions has built and updated the non-degree online application. The Data Management Committee remains in consultation during this initial term of rolling out the online application. Work will continue with other departments such as IT and Cashiers and Billing with regards to payments, and Admissions is eager to set up this element of the application in January 2019.

Next steps will include posting the non-degree application link to the Adelphi website and determining the best method to notify the academic departments when application is received by Admissions. A flow chart is also being built to visually illustrate the process to share with applicants.


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