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Mailing Services

Requesting Mail Services

Address Files and Formatting

Postage Rates/Fees


Labeling and Inserting

UPS Tracking and Shipping

Requesting Mail Services

Before sending labeling and postage-affixing jobs to the mailroom, you must call the mailroom at 516.877.3092 to request a job number.

All jobs received at the mailroom must have an Interdepartmental Order and Invoice form attached to the job. The invoice must show the job number, department account number, date, and contact person.

To obtain the Interdepartmental Order and Invoice form, please contact Thomas J. Siracusa, supervisor of document and print production services, at 516.877.3097 or

For more information about interdepartmental orders, please review the Financial and Administrative Reference Guide.

Address Files and Formatting

Address Files

Address files for labeling must be in Excel format. You can send the files as an attachment to or you may send a flash-drive via interoffice mail to Peter Miemis at Mail Services.

The data should be listed as follows (each must be in a separate column):

  • title
  • first name
  • last name
  • street address
  • apartment/suite
  • city
  • state
  • ZIP code

Address Formatting

All mailings must conform to postal regulations, including Business Reply envelopes. The United States Postal Service requires a standardized, machine-readable address as follows:

Adelphi University
(Name of specific person if applicable)
(Department, Building and room #)
One South Avenue
P.O. Box 701
Garden City, NY 11530-0701

Address for Delivery to Residential Students

Mail for resident students should be in this address format:

Adelphi University
(Name of Resident student)
(Name of Residence Hall, Room Number)
One South Avenue
P.O. Box 701
Garden City, NY 11530-0701

Please note: Information written below line 6 may cause a delay in delivery.

Postage Rates/Fees

ZIP Codes

Use the USPS website to look up ZIP codes. You will need to enter the street address, city and state.

Postage Rates and Fees

You can get domestic and international postage rates and fees at the USPS website.

  • Domestic mail rate searches will need the destination ZIP code.
  • International mail rate searches will need the name of the country.

Go to the Mail and Ship section of the USPS website for additional guidelines on mailing.

Department Account Numbers

All mail for off-campus delivery must have one of the following:

This information is needed to accurately charge the correct department for the cost of postage.

Nonprofit Mailings

The cost of each mailing will be deducted from your postage account (4450).

Permit imprint mailpieces must have identical contents. Additionally, all of the mail pieces must have the exact same dimensions and weight. Mailpieces bearing a permit imprint (indicia) may only be processed by the Adelphi University Mail Services Department. Permit mail must be brought to the Post Office Bulk Mail Acceptance Unit where Adelphi University holds its permit. Departments or individuals MAY NOT under any circumstances drop permit mail into a Postal Service mail box or give it to a letter carrier.

A permit-imprint indicia only becomes postage when the pieces are brought to the Post Office as part of a bulk mailing. These permits cannot be used to send individual pieces of mail.


Generic envelopes are available from the mailroom. These envelopes have the Adelphi University return address printed on the top left-hand corner of the envelope.

Please contact us for a pricing estimate.

Departments are not permitted to create or customize their own envelopes. If you require a custom envelope, please contact the Office of University Communications and Marketing.

Labeling and Inserting


  • Labeling by hand: $0.05/unit
  • Labeling by machine: $0.015/unit


Inserting by hand:

  • 1 inserted piece: $0.02/unit
  • 2 inserted pieces: $0.025/unit
  • 3 inserted pieces: $0.03/unit
  • 4 inserted pieces: $0.035/unit

Inserting by machine:

  • 1-4 inserted pieces: $0.01*/unit

*Please note: There are some restrictions.

UPS Tracking and Shipping

Contact Peter Miemis at to get UPS CampusShip access.

Visit for UPS tracking information.

Customer Service: 1.800.PICK.UPS (1.800.742.5877)

International Information: 1.800.782.7892


For further information, please contact:


Thomas J. Siracusa
Supervisor of Document and Print Production Services
p – 516.877.3097
e –

Peter Miemis
Manager of Administrative Services
p – 516.877.3090
e –

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