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Current and Future Projects

At Adelphi University, we are continually working to maintain, update and improve our buildings and facilities. Our main campus in Garden City spans 75 beautiful acres and includes more than 20 buildings of varying ages. Together with our dynamic learning hubs in Manhattan, Suffolk County and Hudson Valley, there is a perpetual need for maintenance, upgrades and renovations. In addition to sustaining the fundamental integrity of our infrastructure, we also must remain current with the technology and facilities that enable Adelphi University to provide the ideal learning environment for a world-class academic experience that fully supports our students’ success.

Adele and Herbert J. Klapper Center for Fine Arts – Gasoline Dispenser


Replace Gasoline Dispenser System.

Status: Proposal for a new system under review. Projected Start Date: TBD

Blodgett Hall – Upper Floor Renovation


Third and fourth-floor renovation.

Status: Met with chair, staff and faculty to determine needs and commence design in advance of 2020 project. Planning is ongoing.

Chapman Hall – Accessibility Lift


New accessibility lift for the east exterior.

Status: Lift has been ordered and will be installed by vendor: Projected Completion Date: pending coordination between vendors.

Eddy Hall Area


Outside south wall: Install modular building to temporarily house the Student Counseling Center Office during Ruth S. Harley University Center Renovation

Status: Approved by Village of Garden City Planning Commission. Applied for building permit, awaiting approval. Projected Completion Date: December 20, 2019

Eddy Hall – HVAC Study


Make necessary changes to HVAC and construction.

Status: Reprogramming of controls, air balancing and the majority of duct work complete. System is operational. Final duct work to be completed during Intersession, January 2020.

Linen Hall – Accessibility Lift


New accessibility lift on the east exterior.

Status: Lift has been ordered and will be installed by vendor. Projected Completion Date: pending coordination between vendors

Linen Hall – Lower Level Labs


Create labs for Communication Sciences and Disorders and shared academic space for the Psychology Department.

Status: Construction of labs complete; technology to be installed by department by end of October.

Performing Arts Center – Dance Studio Lighting


Dance Studio: lighting for rooms 3 and 4.

Status: Implemented recommended solution; reviewing alternative solutions. Pending approval of proposed solution. Goal is to install during Intersession, January 2020. 

Performing Arts Center – Dance Studio Mirrors


Install additional mirrors.

Status: Implemented recommended solution in one dance studio; awaiting approval to do remaining three studios. Projected implementation: Intersession, January 2020.

Performing Arts Center – Lower Level


Replace one section of gym lockers with larger lockers to accommodate musical instruments.

Status: New lockers to be selected by faculty. Project postponed to Winter 2020.

Residential Properties


Conduct a property survey/audit for planning and scheduling of maintenance work.

Status: Exterior surveys complete; Conducting interior surveys.

Ruth S. Harley University Center Renovation


Double the dining space, upgraded and expanded art gallery space, flexible meeting and conference spaces for the academic community, an expanded, glass-walled commuter lounge, a state-of-the-art ballroom for large meetings and events, a lactation room and gender-neutral bathrooms, improved accessibility and modernized technology, a full Starbucks, video recording and new technology for conferences, a beautiful outdoor space for dining, outdoor classes or lounging, and whenever possible, recycled and bio-based materials.

Status: Start Date: 05/20/2019 Building prep complete; interior demolition under way. Projected Completion Date: 08/01/2020.

Science Building – Lab 021


Refresh Lab 021 for a new faculty member.

Status: Obtaining information, will meet with faculty; plan TBD.

Science Building – Lobby Seating


Replace lobby seating. Existing furniture to be reviewed, select replacement furniture.

Status: Furniture selected and ordered. Pending delivery of furniture.

Softball Field Scoreboard


Install new scoreboard.

Status: Submitted design to University Communications and Marketing for approval. Permit application to be filed with Village of Garden City Building Department. Project start and completion dates TBD.

Swirbul Library – Innovation Center

Construction of Innovation Center, secure technology equipment and furnishings.

Status: Construction complete, awaiting delivery of final products. Projected completion date: 10/31/2019

Swirbul Library – Lovely Lounge


Creation of a temporary art gallery in Mrs. Thomas J. Lovely Lounge.

Status: Obtained needs from Exhibition and Art Collection Curator, materials ordered. Pending creation of custom walls and door. Projected completion date: 10/31/2019

Temporary Dining Structure


On the lawn between Blodgett Hall and Levermore Hall: Construct Temporary Dining Structure for use during the renovation of the Ruth S. Harley University Center, including electric, plumbing and HVAC.

Status: Construction complete. Modifications ongoing as necessary.

Waldo Hall – First Floor


Redesign the first floor to combine Health Services and Student Counseling.

Status: Designs and plans completed. Renovation postponed to 2020.

Woodruff Hall – Lockers


Remove one section of lockers outside a third-floor classroom.

Status: Considering plans for the relocation of the lockers; work planned for Intersession, January 2020.


*This online list of active projects will be updated periodically as major status changes occur.


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