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Policy Statement

For the convenience of its community, Adelphi University allows limited sales to be conducted on its campus in ways that are consistent with the university’s mission, take account of off-campus businesses, and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Reason for Policy

Adelphi regulates the use of its property for sales and other commercial activities in order to maintain a safe, attractive environment for instruction, research, and public service; to facilitate opportunities for its faculty, students, and staff to engage in course-related sales experiences; to encourage activities that support charitable endeavors; to promote off-campus local and regional economies; and to comply with all applicable regulations, including those governing the university’s tax-exempt status.

Who is Governed by this Policy

Faculty, Staff, and Students


Solicitation is not permitted on Adelphi’s campuses.

It is prohibited for any person to peddle or solicit anywhere on campus. Solicitation includes, but is not limited to distributing bar flyers, leaflets, and posters under doors, on car windows, on floors, in buildings, on the grounds or anywhere on campus.

When you become aware of such activity, note what the individual(s) are attempting to sell or promote along with the solicitor’s description and notify Public Safety immediately.


Soliciting as noted above.


Upon discovery of soliciting on campus on the Garden City campus or one of the satellite centers public safety should be notified without delay. Public Safety will investigate and take appropriate action and prepare an incident report.


Incident Complaint Report

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Document History

  • Last Reviewed Date: July 18, 2019
  • Last Revised Date: June 2016
  • Policy Origination Date: Not known

Who Approved This Policy

Gene Palma, Chief Administrative Office & Associate Vice President

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