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    Research and Data Management Procedure

    Policy Statement                                                               

    Members of the Office of the Vice President of University Advancement research staff abide by the code of ethics established by the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement (APRA). As such, they are committed to the ethical collection and use of information in the pursuit of legitimate institutional goals.

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    Reason for Policy                                                                    

    Adelphi University must balance the needs of the University to collect and record information with the alumni, donor and prospects’ right to privacy.

    Who Is Governed by this Policy                                         



    Policy Owner                                                                  

    Brady Crook 

    Secondary Contact

    Salim Amin

    Document History                                                      

    • Last Reviewed Date: December 31, 2017
    • Last Revised Date: December 31, 2017
    • Policy Origination Date: Unknown

    Who Approved This Policy

    Brady Crook, Vice President, University Advancement



  • Office of University Advancement
  • Categories:

  • Fundraising
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