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    Policy Statement

    The Lodging policy applies to those who travel overnight on behalf of the University. Travel Lodging expenses for overnight stays must be approved as official University sponsored travel and follow administrative guidelines. Guidelines substantiate that the trip is reasonable, appropriately documented, properly budgeted or sponsored by a project funding.

    Reason for Policy

    The University exists to conduct teaching, research, and public service. Expenditures of University funds for overnight travel must occur in furtherance of this mission, and have a business or educational purpose associated with each instance of expenditure. Travel Policies are to provide clear directions on how to plan and organize travel with the safety of the students, sports teams, educational groups, faculty, staff and administrative representatives in mind.

    Who Is Governed by this Policy

    Faculty, Staff and Students


    Through this policy, the University strives to promote safe and economical University overnight travel while maintaining the necessary controls, accountability, compliance with applicable federal and state laws, and administrative efficiency.

    Faculty and Employees:

    • Travelers should book standard room accommodations at non-luxury/ moderately priced hotels using the guidelines found in the University’s Financial and Administrative Reference Guide.
    • When traveling for a conference, it is appropriate to stay at the hotel hosting the conference even if the rate exceeds the guidelines. However: o The room booked must be at the conference rate. o Travelers will not be reimbursed for “no show” charges except under extenuating circumstances, which must be documented in the expense report.
    • Employees shall be afforded their own individual hotel room when two or more employees travel to the same conference. This policy may be waived at the discretion of the Athletic Director with respect to athletic team travel.
    • Employees who are chaperones or with the team and students/student-athletes are prohibited from sharing the same hotel room.

    Students and Student Athletes:

    • All students/student-athletes traveling on University-sponsored trips shall be afforded their own individual bed and not be required or allowed to share their bed with another student/student-athlete.
    • Students/student-athletes traveling on University-sponsored trips may share a hotel room as long as each student/student-athlete shall have their own individual bed, cot or pull-out couch in the shared hotel room.
    • Adelphi athletes traveling to other schools should be assigned accommodations based on their gender identity, with more privacy provided, if possible, when requested.


    Travelers: Individuals who are members of the faculty, student body or employees who have overnight travel for a University-sponsored trip. Approval for the trip will be subject to prior approvals as discussed in the University Financial and Administrative Reference Guide. See the University’s Financial and Administrative Reference Guide.


    Procedures for this policy are found in the University’s Financial and Administrative Reference Guide:


    Financial and Administrative Reference Guide Forms

    Related Information

    This policy does not have related information at this time. Upon periodic policy review, this area will be evaluated to determine if additional information is needed to supplement the policy.


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    Document History

    • Last Reviewed Date: March 8, 2018
    • Last Revised Date: March 8, 2018
    • Policy Origination Date: March 8, 2018

    Who Approved This Policy

    Executive Leadership Team



  • Business and Finance
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