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    Libraries Conduct Policy

    Policy Statement

    The Adelphi University Libraries support the educational goals of Adelphi University by providing access to all forms of information to support research, study, teaching, and the general pursuit of knowledge. In order to be successful in this mission, the Libraries and its community of users observe a relationship of reciprocal rights and responsibilities. While most users conduct themselves in a responsible manner, in the interest of protecting the rights of all Library users, it is necessary to define what constitutes infringements on the rights of others.

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    Reason for Policy

    The Adelphi University Libraries Conduct Policy affirms a commitment to protecting an environment conducive to intellectual pursuits. Such an environment is characterized by respect for the rights of others, respect for the Library’s resources, and respect for appropriate conduct in a public forum. The Code ensures that users of the Adelphi University Libraries find themselves in an environment that will enable them to achieve their educational objectives.

    Who Is Governed by this Policy

    Faculty, Staff and Students


    Debbi A. Smith

    Ann Minutella

    Ken Herold

    Document History                                                      

    • Last Reviewed Date: October 2017
    • Last Revised Date: October 2017
    • Policy Origination Date: Not known

    Who Approved This Policy

    Dean of the University Libraries



  • Student Affairs
  • Categories:

  • Ethics and Conduct
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