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Policy Statement

In the interest of providing the Adelphi University community with a safe environment to learn, teach, live, and work, the University limits and controls keys to University facilities and spaces.

Reason for Policy

This policy is intended to provide general operating guidelines needed to protect personnel and facilities while also ensuring authorized access to those areas and facilities necessary for the efficient performance of normal/routine duties and responsibilities.

Who Is Governed by this Policy

Faculty, Staff and Authorized Graduate Students


Office, desk, cabinets and building keys are issued to authorized users only. Authorized users are responsible for the security of the keys and are not allowed to duplicate them or lend them to unauthorized persons. As a security precaution, keys should not be labeled as to the locks they open. When keys are no longer in use, they must be returned to the Department of Public Safety and Transportation [Keys are not to be transferred between leaving and replacement employees]. In the event of lost keys, the Department of Public Safety and Transportation command center must be notified immediately at extension 3511 to prepare an incident report and the Locksmith must be also be notified at extension 3512.


This policy does not have definitions associated with it at this time. Upon periodic policy review this area will be evaluated to determine if additional information is needed to supplement the policy.


  1. All key requests must be submitted by the department head or authorized personnel through the University’s Work Order System which can be accessed through the eCampus Services tab. The requester will be notified at their contact phone number when the key can be picked up during business hours at the Department of Public Safety and Transportation.
  2. Keys are assigned to specific individuals and therefore must not be loaned or borrowed. If a key is no longer needed, it must be returned to the Department of Public Safety and Transportation for reassignment.
  3. If a key is to be permanently transferred from one person to another, it must first be authorized and approved by the Locksmith. This is also done by the department head or authorized personnel through the Work Order System.
  4. Graduate students who require keys for access to specific areas must obtain permission from their professor. The professor must complete the Graduate Student Key Request form obtainable from the locksmith. Once approved the key may be picked up during business hours at public safety.
  5. A one-hundred dollar debit will be placed on the student’s account and is removed when the key is returned. If the key is not returned the student’s account will be charged the one-hundred dollars.


Locksmith Lost Key form

Work Order System under locksmith – obtained from Facilities and Maintenance.

Incident Report – available through Public Safety and completed by Public Safety.

Graduate Student Key Request form – this is a three part form requested from the Locksmith. The Professor or Admin Assistant from the Dean’s Office will request the form from the Locksmith.

Related Information


Robert F. Hughes
p – 516.877.3500
e –

Joseph Greenberg
p – 516.877.3512
e –

Raymond Hughes
p – 516.877.3500
e –

Document History

  • Last Reviewed Date: July 10, 2019
  • Last Revised Date: July 10, 2019
  • Policy Origination Date: Not known

Who Approved This Policy

Gene Palma, Chief Administrative Officer, Associate Vice President

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