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Emergency Notification Policy

Policy Statement

The University Mass Notification System enables the University to instantly broadcast urgent messages and delivery instructions to the campus community when necessary.

Reason for Policy

University Mass Notification System (Rave Alert) The telephone is the primary means of emergency notifications at the University. The University utilizes an off campus vendor for these notifications to the entire University community.

Who is Governed by this Policy

Faculty, staff and students


The University’s Mass Notification System is the system used for emergency notifications. An SMS message will be sent to all cellular telephones and voice messages to office telephones (if registered with the University’s Mass Notification System). Notification can also be sent over the University exterior Public Address System to the University community from the Command center located at Levermore Hall. The University’s Mass Notification System is intended for the immediate transmission of specific information regarding an emergency to all members of the University. Public Safety signs up the University Community for the University’s Mass Notification system upon receipt of their Adelphi University Identification Card. You can change or update your registered devices through the Rave Manager Profile Dashboard accessible through eCampus at It is part of the single sign-on, so you will sign in with your Adelphi username and password. After you are signed in to eCampus, go to the Services tab and select the University Mass Notification System icon. 37 The Department of Public Safety and Transportation tests the University Mass Notification System at least once every calendar year, and such tests may be announced or unannounced. The campus also tests its emergency response and evacuation procedures on at least an annual basis. Furthermore, emergency tabletop exercises are conducted on an annual basis.


This policy does not have definitions associated with it at this time. Upon periodic policy review this area will be evaluated to determine if additional information is needed to supplement the policy.


The following instructions allow you to get to your RAVE Profile Dashboard, where you can input, update, change and/or test your information.

  • Go to the University Mass Notification System accessible with your eCampus login.
  • The first time you access the Rave Alert service you must accept the service provider’s terms and conditions.
  • Your mobile device and email can also be tested by hitting the yellow “Test” button at any time.

Each primary mobile device must also be confirmed. You can do this by selecting the “Edit Phone” button to the right of the device.

You then must confirm your mobile carrier and hit continue. The system will then send a four digit confirmation code to your device that must be entered on the next screen. Then hit continue and your device is confirmed.

For additional help and answers to FAQs, click the “Help” button in the upper right-hand corner of the University Mass Notification System screen. Please note that although the system settings may include your email address, at this time the University is using text and voice message to broadcast urgent messages.

What type of messages will I receive?

The University will only send you messages related to critical campus information and emergencies. You will never receive advertisements and your information is never provided to advertisers.

What will be done with my personal information?

The University will only use the Rave Alert system to amplify its emergency communications system. The information is safeguarded and is not shared with any other party.


Adelphi University Photo I.D. Form (paperstock form completed when coming to public safety for an I.D. card).

Related Information

Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report (PDF)


Robert F. Hughes 
p – 516.877.3500
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Document History                                                      

  • Last Reviewed Date: December 11, 2017
  • Last Revised Date: December 11, 2017
  • Policy Origination Date: Not known             

Who Approved This Policy                                                  

Gene Palma, Chief Administrative Officer and Associate Vice President

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