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    Demonstration Policy for Students

    Policy Statement

    This policy sets forth core principles and standards with respect to governing campus demonstrations at Adelphi University.

    Reason for Policy

    The University sees its obligation to facilitate peaceful demonstrations in all ways possible, support personal safety and enable necessary activities of the University to be free from unreasonable disruption.

    Who Is Governed by this Policy

    Faculty, Staff, and Students


    Adelphi’s Commitment to an Educational Environment and Freedom of Expression

    Adelphi University’s mission is to transform the lives of all students by creating a distinctive environment of intellectual rigor, research, creativity and deep community engagement. In alignment with its mission, Adelphi University is committed to creating an educational environment in which a variety of ideas can be reasonably proposed and critically examined. The University has developed procedures and policies to support its mission, as well as each community member’s freedom of expression.

    Freedom of expression is vital to our shared goal of the pursuit of knowledge. Such freedom comes with a responsibility to welcome and promote this freedom for all, even in disagreement or opposition. The right of freedom of expression at Adelphi University includes peaceful demonstrations. At the same time, the University has long recognized that the right to demonstrate does not include the right to engage in conduct that disrupts the University’s operations or endangers the safety of others.

    Rationale for this Policy

    The University sees its obligation to facilitate peaceful demonstrations in all ways possible, support personal safety and enable necessary activities of the University to be free from unreasonable disruption.

    Who Can Organize a Demonstration or Protest?

    A recognized Adelphi student organization, a group of Adelphi students, and individual Adelphi students may organize a peaceful demonstration. A currently registered Adelphi student(s) must be designated as the organizer(s)/liaison(s) of the demonstration.

    Advance Arrangements

    Organizers of a demonstration should make advance arrangements with the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs. A Demonstration Reservation Form is available through the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs. Advance registration allows staff from Student Affairs and Public Safety to assist organizers in:

    1. supporting organizers in implementing a successful demonstration;
    2. supporting participants’ safety; and
    3. making plans that do not disrupt the normal functioning of the University.

    The Demonstration Reservation Form should be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs at least 24 business hours before the start of the event to facilitate the demonstration’s successful implementation. Successful reservation of an event may be contingent upon available facilities and University support services and therefore could require an alternate date(s) or location. Demonstration organizers are encouraged not to advertise an event until the details of the event have been coordinated with Student Affairs and Public Safety.

    In the event that a demonstration organizer cannot meet the 24 business hour notice provision as stated above, due to unforeseen circumstances, the organizer should provide as much notice as possible to allow the University to take the steps necessary to facilitate the demonstration, protect safety and enable the normal functioning of the University. Due to inherent issues with safety and disruption to University operations, demonstrations inside University facilities are not permitted. For events occurring on municipal sidewalks and streets adjacent to the University, organizers should make appropriate arrangements to acquire municipal permits and should adhere to municipal ordinances and applicable state and federal law. Registration of a campus demonstration by the University does not imply acceptance or endorsement by the University of the views expressed.

    Peaceful Demonstration Locations

    The following areas have been designated as preferred demonstration locations, due to their central location and ability to accommodate different size gatherings. Every possible effort will be made to enable demonstrations at the primary location.

    1. Swirbul Plaza (Primary)
    2. Flagpole Lawn
    3. Levermore Lawn
    4. University Center Plaza

    As the above locations are not designated solely for demonstrations, making advance arrangements, as indicated above, is critical to finding a time and place for the desired demonstration that will meet the needs of the participants, and not interfere with other groups that may have previously reserved the space. Organizers should specify their preferred demonstration location(s) on the Demonstration Reservation Form.


    A demonstration or related event on campus may invite another form of demonstration. When these occasions arise, the freedom of expression of all parties is important. Please note that a separate demonstration area may be designated by the Department of Public Safety for those persons with views that differ from the views held by the initial organizers. In order to support the safety of all participants, the University will assign Public Safety staff to be present at all demonstrations.

    What Is Not Permitted

    It is expected that in planning and conducting a demonstration, the organizers and participants will observe regulations pertaining to the use of campus facilities and outdoor spaces, as well as policies listed in the Code of Conduct, the Emergency Operations Plan (requires eCampus login), and other University policy documents. Whether in a reserved location or anywhere else on campus, participants in demonstrations are reminded of the following:

    1. They are not permitted to physically hinder entrances to, exits from, or passageways within any University building or other structure, or hinder the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic into or on the campus.
    2. They are not permitted to create a volume of noise that prevents members of the University community from performing their normal campus activities. Amplified sound (e.g., bullhorns) is not permitted inside University buildings and may not be permitted outside should it interfere with the activities of the University community.
    3. Although generally allowed, if the use of placards, banners, signs or other materials are deemed by the University to be dangerous (such as signs affixed to wooden sticks or metal poles) or impede the participation of others in the life of the University, University officials may require the individuals carrying such materials to move to a different location or remove their materials.
    4. They are not permitted to employ force or violence, or constitute an immediate threat of force or violence, against persons or property.
    5. They are not permitted to violate any other University policy or engage in any prohibited behavior as outlined in the Code of Conduct.

    Compliance with this Policy

    It is the responsibility of the demonstration organizer and sponsoring organization leadership to educate participants about this policy and other applicable University policies and to immediately report any disorderly conduct to Public Safety. For example, as expected at all times on University property, all persons are expected to provide a University issued identification card upon request from a University official.

    Not complying with reasonable instructions provided by Public Safety or other University officials prior to or during a campus demonstration may result in the demonstration being cancelled or dispersed, and/or conduct charges being made against those failing to comply with University policy.


    This policy does not have definitions associated with it at this time. Upon periodic policy review this area will be evaluated to determine if additional information is needed to supplement the policy.


    This policy does not have forms associated with it at this time. Upon periodic policy review this area will be evaluated to determine if additional information is needed to supplement the policy.

    Related Information

    Code of Conduct


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    p – 516.877.3654
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    Raymond Hughes
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    Document History

    • Last Reviewed Date: September 25, 2020
    • Last Revised Date: September 25, 2020
    • Policy Origination Date: March 20, 2017                

    Who Approved This Policy

    Executive Leadership and the Board Of Trustees 



  • Division of Student Affairs
  • Categories:

  • Ethics and Conduct
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