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Construction and Alteration to Physical Space Approval

Policy Statement

Adelphi University has established a policy that governs all building construction and alterations to physical space (including landlord-owned space) so that this activity is performed with the proper planning, oversight and direction. Without proper approval from the Office of Facilities Management, the individual(s) could be subject to disciplinary action.

Reason for Policy

University employees, students, volunteers and others who construct on University property or who make alterations (see definition below) without Facilities Management approval are subject to disciplinary action. The University may hold them liable for personal injuries, property damage or other consequences of their actions, and may require them to remove any unauthorized work.

Who Is Governed by this Policy

Staff, Faculty, Administrators and Students


All alterations to and construction on University facilities require prior approval of the cognizant Dean or director and the cognizant vice president, and shall be coordinated through Facilities Management.

Remodeling of University facilities in buildings not owned by the University (leased space) must comply with all aspects of this policy and must also be approved by the landlord or property manager of said space.

Construction, alterations and remodeling work shall be performed by either licensed contractors or Facilities Management personnel. Departments or individuals are not authorized to perform remodeling or construction work unless, and only to the extent that, written authorization is given by the Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management. Alterations must be of quality design, with materials and workmanship appropriate for the particular project, and ordinarily must be equal to or exceed the construction quality of existing facilities and conform to University standards and state building codes.

Project requests are sent by email to the Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management from the appropriate department head, Dean, Provost or Executive Leadership member. These communications should establish the advance approvals necessary. Estimated project costs are determined and verified as part of the Capital Budget of the University, and will follow the appropriate procurement policies and contract award procedures. Special requests for emergency-related or unplanned but necessary work (i.e., weather damage) are addressed through email to the Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management.


Alterations: any physical improvement, renovation or remodeling of existing campus facilities including:

  • changes in utility systems including air conditioning, heating, electrical, plumbing, air, gas, etc.,
  • major equipment installation requiring utilities connections or other requirements, such as cooling, etc.,
  • interior decorating, floor coverings, window coverings, furniture and furnishings;
  • major alterations or replacement of audio visual systems and related equipment;
  • facility design, program development, planning of concept designs and;
  • feasibility studies or cost estimates on remodeling and construction.

Construction Project: any project requiring movement of walls, doors, ceilings, etc.

Remodeling: updates of finishes including, paint, carpet, window treatments, furniture, etc.


Submit a work order request through Facilities Management.

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Robert Shipley
p – 516.877.3970
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Document History

  • Last Reviewed Date: April, 2018
  • Last Revised Date: April, 2018
  • Policy Origination Date: August 10, 2017                      

Who Approved This Policy

Robert Shipley, Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management

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