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Speakers Policy for Students

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The University seeks to offer a full, varied, and balanced program of guest speakers that will result in a maximum exchange of ideas and opinions. As part of the educational process, students are encouraged to invite guest speakers to campus who can address an area of interest to the University community. Recognized student organizations may invite to Adelphi University any person(s) who, in their opinion, might contribute to the intellectual or cultural life of the University. Individual students wishing to invite a speaker to campus should seek the sponsorship of a recognized organization.

In order to derive maximum benefit from a guest speaker’s presence on campus, it is required for student organizations planning to host a speaker to consult with the Center for Student Involvement staff prior to extending a final invitation. Student organizations are also encouraged to consult with faculty in related fields of expertise.

The freedom to express points of view on the widest range of public and private concerns must, however, be subject to reasonable restrictions of time, place, and manner. The right of free speech and expression does not include unlawful activity, or such activity, in the judgment of the Associate Vice President for Public Safety and Transportation, the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs or the Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students Affairs, that would:

  1. threaten to endanger the safety of any member(s) of the University community,
  2. pose a threat to the physical facilities,
  3. obstruct or disrupt the normal functions of the University, or
  4. violate the University’s Anti-Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Policy.

Such decisions of the University shall be made on a content neutral basis. The use of the University forum shall not imply acceptance or endorsement by the University of the views expressed.

Procedural Guidelines

  1. Any recognized student organization, may invite a speaker (paid or unpaid) not affiliated with the University to speak on campus.
  2. Space reservation, program approval, payment authorization and similar submissions must be completed with the Center for Student Involvement and Auxiliary Services (room reservation only) according to policies in place, and at least 30 days prior to the proposed date of the event. Note that additional lead time may be required when large audiences are anticipated. The University reserves the right to cancel the invitation to any speaker if it deems that there is inadequate time, space or other resources to prepare for the event.
  3. Prior to the time a program is approved and a contract prepared, the student organization should submit a Speaker Reservation Form (requires eCampus login) to the Center for Student Involvement with the following information:
    1. The exact amount of the speaker’s fee and expenses, if any, and the confirmed source of funding, including a description of sources of funds and outside gifts/supporters.
    2. Where applicable, the name, address, and representative of the booking agency.
    3. A biographical sketch of the speaker and a brief description of the speaker’s topic or subject area.
    4. Notification when controversial speakers are invited to Adelphi. Such speakers include those who have engendered protests or public demonstrations in other venues. Sponsoring student organizations are responsible for paying for extra security that the University deems appropriate for such visitors.
    5. Endorsement of the invitation by the officers of the sponsoring organization, and by the organization’s faculty/staff advisor.
  4. With regard to a speaker to whom payment is to be made, a contract and the related University flow sheet must be processed as per the University’s Financial and Administrative Reference Guide (requires eCampus login). The President and Treasurer, acting on their behalf, are the only representatives of the University authorized to sign contracts.
  5. Sponsoring organizations are advised that in the case of danger to persons or property the University will put into effect procedures outlined in its Emergency Operations Plan (requires eCampus login), and may close its facilities to the event. Such a decision would be made by the Associate Vice President for Public Safety and Transportation or designee, the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs or designee or the Assistant Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs or designee in the exercise of their general responsibility for the safety of the University community.
  6. The University reserves the right to cancel the invitation to any speaker if it deems that there is inadequate time to prepare or there has been inadequate preparation for the event.
  7. The University retains the right of refusal for any outside speaker/performer and/or their campus sponsor for any reason.
This policy was approved March 20, 2017.
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