University Resources, Operations and Policies


Appendix A – List of University Policies by Name

Academic Forgiveness Readmission Policy

Core principles and standards with respect to academic forgiveness and readmission for students at Adelphi University.


Academic Freedom

Academic freedom is valued very highly at Adelphi; nevertheless, the University is disinclined to see the concept abused.


Academic Honesty

Core principles and standards with respect to academic integrity for students at Adelphi University.


Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

These rules are in place to ensure an optimal learning and working environment, and the assurance of freedom in academic pursuit.


Acceptance of Gifts of Real Property

Provides guidelines for accepting and valuing gifts of real property.


Access to Campus

University faculty, staff and employees have the right to access and use campus facilities during specified times.


Account Policy

Provides direction in creating and maintaining accounts on computerized information systems operated by or on behalf of Adelphi University.


Adjunct Faculty

Defines the appointment and reappointment process, types of adjunct faculty, as well as related workload policies during appointment.


Advances Policy

Standards and procedures to enable appropriate stewardship of its assets, cost-effective business practices, and accurate financial reporting.


All-Gender Accessible Restroom Policy and Procedures for All Adelphi University Buildings

Guidelines and procedures related to the implementation of inclusive facilities in all Adelphi University buildings.


Animal Care and Use 

This policy outlines the principles that govern the humane conduct of activities involving live animals.


Annual and Special Giving

These policies and procedures are intended to assist and guide the activities of personnel who are involved in annual and special giving to Adelphi.


Appointment and Reappointment of Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Processes for appointment and reappointment to non-tenure track faculty positions.


Athletic Clearance Requirements

Medical clearance requirements for student athletes at Adelphi University to participate in intercollegiate sports.



Guidelines regarding the University’s responsibilities for conducting auctions to the public.


Bill Payment

Guidance to students on the tuition and fee payment procedure.


Budget Preparation

Each department must carefully prepare and monitor its approved budget in detail on at least a monthly basis.


Budgeting Policy for Sponsored Program Awards

Guidance for development of sponsored program budgets that are in compliance with sponsor requirements and University policy.


Campus Protest and Free Speech

An atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and responsibility is vital to the University’s existence and the achievement of its objectives.


Capital Assets, Purchasing and Initiating a Purchase

University purchasing policies and procedures apply uniformly to all funds administered by the University, whether they are unrestricted or restricted funds.


Capitalization Policy

Provides consistent and accurate capitalization of all assets held by the University.


Cash Receipts

Procedures for determining when and how the university will advance its financial resources and collect, or otherwise clear, these advances.


Change Management

Governs changes to the University’s IT environment to ensure appropriate considerations are given before changes are made.


Code of Conduct

The University has developed procedures and policies to safeguard and maintain an environment conducive to the learning process.


Code of Ethics

We are individually responsible to each other for exhibiting in our own actions the highest ethical standards.


Compliance Statement

Core principles and standards with respect to compliance at Adelphi University.


Comprehensive/Capital Campaigns

Sets forth the structure and process for comprehensive and/or capital campaigns.


Constituent Fundraising

Insures that the receipt of gifts advances the University’s mission and is done in accordance with applicable local, state, and federal statutes.


Consultant Services

Process for approving and managing service or consulting agreements that faculty undertake under the auspices of Adelphi University.


Contract Review

It is imperative that employees intending to enter into a contract with outside parties adhere to established procedures to protect Adelphi and themselves against this risk exposure.



Equitable remuneration resulting from copyrighted works where ownership is retained by the University, as well as the conditions under which ownership would be retained.


Costing Policy

Guidance to PI’s and their staff for monitoring costs that are in compliance with sponsor requirements and University policy.


Credit Card Acceptance and Processing

Rquirements for the acceptance and processing of credit card payments and for the protection of Cardholder Data in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.



Provides a standardized and consistent approach to crowdfunding that protects our good relationships with the many alumni, friends, corporations, foundations, and others who benefit Adelphi through philanthropy.


Dangerous Weapons

Unauthorized use, possession, or storage of any weapon, whether or not a federal or state license to possess the weapon has been issued to the possessor, will be met with disciplinary consequences.


Demonstration Policy for Students

Principles and standards with respect to governing campus demonstrations at Adelphi University.


Distance Learning Policy

Guidelines to assure the highest educational quality for such distributed learning.


Donor Bill of Rights

Guidance to donors, explaining the rights they have when supporting Adelphi.


Effort Reporting Policy

Effort reporting is the process by which the university determines and documents the effort expended on sponsored projects during each reporting period.


Eligibility for Financial Aid

U.S. Department of Education regulations require the disclosure of general information to help students and families make better-informed decisions about higher education.


Email Policy

This policy outlines and defines acceptable use of the University’s email services.



This policy is intended to offer guidance in the event of an emergency condition or possible emergency condition.


Emergency Condition

This policy sets forth procedures for the closure of the University due to inclement weather and guiding protocols for emergencies.


Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Adelphi University has implemented evacuation procedures to ensure safety for all faculty, staff, students and visitors on campus.


Emergency Notification Policy

The University Mass Notification System enables the University to instantly broadcast urgent messages and delivery instructions to the campus community when necessary.


Emeritus Status

The purpose of this policy is to provide basic guidance to faculty at the University around the process in which emeritus status is granted.


Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook is a guide to the Human Resources policies and practices for employees of Adelphi University.


Exam/Assignment Absence Policy

The goal of this policy is to effectively balance religious holidays observed by members of the university with the regular academic schedule and requirements of faculty and students.


Exceptions to Full-Time Enrollment Requirement for Scholarship Policy

Students with documented/qualifying disabilities that preclude full-time attendance will be able to apply for institutional scholarships otherwise granted only to full-time students.


Faculty Disciplinary Action

This policy provides basic guidance to University faculty around the manner, consequences, and process of disciplinary action.


Federal Grant Subrecipient Monitoring Policy

Adelphi evaluates and monitors the financial and programmatic performance of Subrecipients, and assesses their capacity to properly manage a Subaward.


File Sharing/Download Policy

This policy outlines guidelines for all users when file sharing and downloading files on Adelphi’s network.


Final Annual and Special Giving Processes

The policies set forth herein are to guide the activities of Adelphi University personnel involved in annual and special giving to Adelphi.


Financial Records Retention for Sponsored Programs

The purpose of this policy is to set forth the requirements for record retention and destruction of sponsored award financial records in accordance with University, Federal and sponsor terms and conditions.


Gift Announcement

To assure the accuracy and completeness of news that is released regarding gifts — both internally and externally — the University documents and records gifts fully and in compliance with the University’s gift acceptance policy prior to the release of any information about a gift.


Gift Solicitation, Acceptance, and Valuation

The policies and procedures set forth in this document are intended to assist and guide the activities of University personnel who are involved in the planning, promotion, solicitation, application, receipt, acceptance, and disposition of gifts to Adelphi University.


Gifts of Cash, Checks, and Charge Cards

These policies provide a standardized approach to the University’s acceptance of gifts of cash, checks, and charge cards.


Gifts of Securities

The policies and procedures set forth in this document are intended to assist and guide the activities of University personnel who are involved in the acceptance of gifts of securities to Adelphi.


Governance of Gifts and Donations

The policies and procedures set forth in this document are intended to assist and guide the activities of University personnel who are involved in the planning, promotion, solicitation, application, receipt, acceptance, and disposition of gifts to Adelphi.


Grants and Award Management and Closeout

The policy provides requirements that are intended to facilitate the timely and accurate processing and recording of financial transactions and the management and closeout of sponsored projects.


Grievance Procedures and Arbitration

This policy provides basic guidance to faculty at the University around the formal grievance procedures and arbitration at Adelphi University.


Guidelines on Gifts of Life Insurance

The policies and procedures set forth herein are to guide the activities of University personnel involved in the acceptance of gifts of life insurance to Adelphi.


Hate Crimes

Investigation of hate-motivated crimes and incidents are a priority at Adelphi University. The Department of Public Safety and Transportation’s response is necessary to assure the community that hate-motivated crimes and violence will not be tolerated, and that perpetrators of such crimes will be brought to justice.


Hazing Policy

Adelphi University opposes hazing in any form by any person or group associated with this University.


Health Services Policies

Important forms and requirements designed to make sure everyone at Adelphi stays healthy.


Human Resources Policies

Stay informed about University policies and procedures that help you make the most of your employment here at Adelphi.


Illicit Drugs and Alcohol

Adelphi University realizes the importance of a drug-free campus and is therefore strongly committed to the prevention of substance abuse.


Information Classification and Protection Policy

This policy ensures that the types of information that are in use by the University are identified and classified, and establishes a formal ownership of each type.


Information Security Incident Handling Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide the framework in which information security incidents will be handled.


Institutional Review Board

Facilitating research and ensuring compliance with requirements.


Investment Policies

Adelphi intends to typically use pooled or mutual funds as the investment managers in the University’s Endowment Fund.


IRS Form 8300

The policies and procedures set forth in this document are intended to assist and guide the activities of University personnel related to completion of the IRS Form 8300.


Lockdown Procedures or Shelter in Place

Over the past several years, there have been a number of violent acts committed against university communities across the country. While Adelphi University has been fortunate not to have experienced such an occurrence, it is prudent and responsible to set forth guidelines to address the response and management of a hostile intruder incident or other event that would require to LOCKDOWN or SHELTER IN PLACE order. Although the probability of such incidents occurring on campus is minimal, preparedness is important for survival in a hostile intruder encounter or other event requiring the community to shelter in place.


Locksmith Services

The locksmith maintains the efficient and effective operation of all door-locking hardware across the Adelphi campuses to provide a safe and secure environment for students, University personnel and visitors.


Lodging Policy

Travel Policies are to provide clear directions on how to plan and organize travel with the safety of the students, sports teams, educational groups, faculty, staff and administrative representatives in mind.


Logo Usage Policy

Our single most identifiable and important asset is our logo. Adelphi University’s logo shape, color and usage need to be protected and honored. This guide will help you use it correctly.


Naming of Facilities, Properties, and Streets

The Board of Trustees of Adelphi University retains authority for naming all University facilities and properties; i.e., all buildings; major portions of buildings; university or college streets or roads; and all other highly visible facilities and properties.


Network Connection Policy

This policy outlines usage of the Adelphi network connection and authorizations for who may connect and disconnect equipment.


Non-Cash Charitable Contributions

The policies and procedures set forth in this document are intended to assist and guide the activities of University personnel who are involved in the acceptance of non-cash charitable contributions to Adelphi.


Parking and Traffic

Parking regulations apply to all students, faculty, staff, visitors and vendors and their vehicles using campus-parking facilities, including parking field #9 (Garden City Pool).



This policy is intended to demonstrate the University’s support of academic freedom, provide an incentive for engaging in research, and facilitate the creative works of faculty, staff and students.


Physical Access Policy

In order to prevent service disruptions or loss of data integrity or confidentiality, access to physical areas in which sensitive equipment is located and/or where information is processed must be controlled.


Planned Giving

By offering and encouraging planned gifts, Adelphi University seeks to enable a broader group of supporters to make more significant gifts to the institution, either during their lifetime or as part of an estate plan, than they could otherwise make through outright gifts.


Pledges Policy

These policies are intended to provide a standardized and consistent approach to the University’s gift accounting procedures.


Possession of Dangerous Articles

Adelphi University is committed to providing a safe and secure environment in which to study, research, live, work and visit.


Post-Issuance Compliance Tax Exempt Bond Financings

The University finances certain capital projects through the issuance of qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt bonds.


Prevention and Security

Representatives of the University join together at freshman, transfer and employee orientations to provide information on services offered by the University. Presentations include a Campus Safety 101 video, information relative to personal safety on and off campus, the most common crimes that do occur on and around the campus such as thefts, and information on the numerous pamphlets, and security alerts available to the community.


Privacy and Release of Student Education Records

Adelphi University is committed to protecting the privacy of student records and to providing notifications to students of their rights.


Protected Information Handling Policy

This policy describes a set of requirements that apply to all persons who use information that has been designated as protected information.


Protocol for Student Complaints Concerning the Actions of Members of Faculty

Adelphi University is responsible for fully and fairly addressing complaints concerning conduct by faculty while acting in the context of affiliation with the University.


Public Safety Policies

Adelphi University has developed and implemented policies and emergency plans to keep the campus community safe and secure.


Purchasing Policy

Procurement policies guide purchases of goods or services for funds administered by the University.



Adelphi University must coordinate all raffles on campus to ensure compliance with state laws and integrations with the University’s comprehensive annual events. The Office of the Vice President of University Advancement is responsible for this coordination.


Reasonable Accommodations in Housing Assignments

This document sets out policy and procedures for students with disabilities seeking reasonable accommodations in University housing assignments.


Reduced Course Load Policy

Depending on the nature and functional limitations of a student’s documented disability, he or she may be eligible to take less than a full time course load, as governed by this policy.


Refund Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance for students on the refund procedures of the University.


Refund Policy

The University’s policy is to resolve eligible credit balances in student accounts as promptly as possible—in compliance with all applicable regulations and by the end of the term in which the credit balance is created— by issuing refunds to the student.


Refund Policy (Tuition and Fees)

Understand what to expect with our tuition refund policies.


Registered Sexual Offenders

The “Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act” (Section 106 of Public law 106-38) is a federal law that provides for the tracking of convicted sex offenders enrolled at or employed by institutions of higher education.


Reporting a Crime

If you are the victim of a crime, including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking you are encouraged to report the crime to public safety or the police. If you do not want to pursue action within the University system or the criminal justice system you may still want, and are encouraged, to consider making a confidential report.


Requirements for a Medical Leave of Absence

The purpose for this policy is to establish the requirements for a medical leave of absence at the University.


Research and Data Management Procedure

Members of the Office of the Vice President of University Advancement research staff abide by the code of ethics established by the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement (APRA). As such, they are committed to the ethical collection and use of information in the pursuit of legitimate institutional goals.


Research Financial Conflict of Interest  

To ensure the highest quality research free from bias and financial conflict of interest (FCOI), Adelphi University has designed and implemented the following policy based upon federal guidelines.


Smoking Policy

Adelphi University is committed to the improvement of the health and safety of students and employees, and to full compliance with New York State and local laws that limit smoking.


Speakers Policy for Students

This policy exists with respect to guest speakers that will result in a maximum exchange of ideas and opinions.


Special Events

Adelphi University seeks to create a campus culture that generates intellectual excitement and lifelong learning. This includes supporting campus activities that further individual development. Such events are either sanctioned by the University or sponsored by external groups requesting use of University facilities and services.


Stages of Cultivation

The policies and procedures set forth in this document are intended to assist and guide the activities of Adelphi University personnel who are involved in the planning, promotion, solicitation, application, receipt, acceptance, and disposition of gifts to the University.


Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives

The purpose of this statement is to assist the University and the investment managers in effectively supervising and managing the assets of the Adelphi University Endowment/Quasi-Endowment Fund (“the Endowment”), and Operating Cash pool (“Operating Cash”).


Stewardship Procedure and Process

The policies and procedures set forth in this document are intended to assist and guide the activities of University personnel who are involved in the planning, promotion, solicitation, application, receipt, acceptance, and disposition of gifts to Adelphi University.


Student Access Office Forms and Policies

Formerly the Office of Disability Support Services, the SAO encourages students with disabilities to effectively advocate for themselves within the University community while providing cost-free assistance and services.


Student Disclosure

The federal government requires institutions of higher education to disclose certain information to all enrolled students.


Student Protection Program

The Department of Public Safety and Transportation has arranged for a number of merchants in the immediate Garden City area to post stickers in their windows, identifying them as safe places for student assistance in the case of an emergency.


Study Abroad Policies

Adelphi grants qualified students the option to live and study in a variety of approved international destinations for at least one semester during their studies.


Survey Registration Requirements

All surveys should be coordinated by the Office of Research, Assessment and Planning.


Taxes on Unrelated Business Income

In accordance with Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), Adelphi University is a tax-exempt organization.


Taxpayer Identification Number Form (W 9) Requirement

This policy helps the University with its compliance with IRS regulations concerning the issuance and accuracy of annual tax statements to vendors.


Telecommunications Policy

Adelphi University provides telephone service for individuals undertaking mission-related activities. The university recognizes the need for personal telephone use, but expects individuals to pay directly for personal long-distance telephone calls.



This policy defines and details what Tenure is, as well as the procedures and criteria to be met to be awarded tenure.


Title IV Code of Conduct Requirements

The Code of Conduct Related to Student Loan Activities is a requirement specific to transactions and activities related to financial aid matters and is required to have a code of conduct applicable to personnel with loan responsibilities.


Transfer Credit Policy

Your transcript will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis by an admissions counselor to determine course equivalencies, as well as exemptions from the general education requirements.


Travel Expenses and Reimbursements

The university supports appropriate and legal uses of Adelphi funds for travel in furtherance of the university’s mission.


Tuition Payment Policies

Stay on top of your payments by reviewing our tuition policies.


University ID Cards

This policy sets the policy regarding University ID Cards at Adelphi University.


University Vehicles

Adelphi University vehicles are available under certain circumstances for use in support of the university’s mission of education, research, and community service.


Use of Software Not Managed by Adelphi IT

This policy outlines the usage of software not managed by Adelphi IT, and outlines requirements and exceptions.


Violent Offenses

This policy furthers the university’s commitment to creating a learning, living, and working environment free of bias, discrimination, harassment, and sexual and related misconduct, and to meeting applicable legal requirements.


Year End Gifts

Adelphi University appreciates and depends upon the generosity of alumni and friends to support its mission, programs, and purposes. Gifts must be solicited, accepted, processed, recorded, and acknowledged in a manner that protects the interests of both the institution and its donors.

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