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Construction and Alterations

Construction and Alteration Policy Statement

The University has established a policy that governs all building construction and alteration to physical space (including landlord owned space) so that this activity is performed with the proper planning, oversight and direction.

University employees and volunteers who construct on University property or who make alterations, improvement, renovation or remodeling of existing facilities, without Facilities Management approval are subject to disciplinary action. The University may hold them liable for personal injuries, property damage or other consequences of their actions, and may require them to remove any unauthorized

Examples of this work include:

  • Changes in utility systems: air conditioning, heating, electrical, plumbing, compressed air, gas, etc.
  • Major equipment installation requiring connection to building systems including electrical, plumbing, cooling, etc.
  • Interior decorating, floor coverings, window coverings furniture and furnishings.
  • Major alterations or replacement of audio visual systems and related equipment.
  • Facility design, program development, and planning, design, feasibility studies or cost estimates on remodeling and construction.

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Facilities Management
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