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Section 11

Section 11.0 Medical Consultation

An opportunity for laboratory workers to receive medical consultation must be provided under the following circumstances:

  • If an employee develops any symptoms thought to arise from chemical overexposure;
  • After an event such as a major spills, leak, or explosion which may have resulted in an overexposure;
  • The Laboratory Supervisor or Chemical Hygiene Officer identifies an overexposure as the result of an evaluation.

All employees or student workers that require medical evaluation should follow the same procedure as reporting an accident. The supervisor should be informed and then the worker must report to the University Infirmary for evaluation. For any accident, even those where an employee or student is injured and DOES NOT SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION at that time, an Accident-Occupational Injury/Illness Report must be completed and filed.

Note: Any medical examination required by this Plan must be provided without cost to the employee, without loss of pay, and at a reasonable time and place. Records of any medical examination will be maintained at the medical facility providing service or with appropriate medical personnel at the University.


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