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    The purpose of this change management policy is to ensure Adelphi University’s email services are used in a manner that is most effective.


    Eligibility and Access

    1. Access to email services may be provided to all students, faculty, administration and alumni of Adelphi University, or when a contractual obligation to provide email access exists otherwise.

    2. Each person with access to email services will have access to one individual email account.

    3. Functional email addresses may be requested for legitimate Adelphi University sponsored activities. All functional email addresses must have one designated person who will function as the custodian of the address.

    4. When a legitimate business need exists, access to email accounts may be delegated to others than the custodian of the email address.

    5. Passwords to access email addresses may not be shared.

    6. All email address provided by the University will remain property of the University.

    Mandated Use

    7. All official business conducted by email concerning Adelphi University must use the email services provided by the IT department. Unless permitted by contract, the use of non-Adelphi email addresses for official University business is explicitly prohibited.

    8. Automatically forwarding emails concerning official Adelphi University business to personal email addresses is prohibited, unless explicitly allowed by contract.

    Retention and Capacity

    9. Email accounts have unlimited storage capacity.

    10. Email messages may be retained indefinitely.

    11. Email will not be backed up. As a consequence, deleted emails may not be recoverable.  

    Mass Distribution

    12. Individuals wishing to email large numbers of people must contact the IT department for assistance and approval prior to sending the message.

    13. The IT department will maintain a number of mass-distribution lists that can be used for announcements and notifications.


    14. All email is subject to monitoring, in accordance with the terms defined in ‘Acceptable use of IT Resources’ policy and to the extent permissible by law.

    15. All email will be archived.

    Email Mailing Lists

    16. The IT Department will provide a number of mass email distribution lists for mass announcements and/or interactive discussions.

    17. The mass announcement email distribution lists maintained by the IT Department may only be used to communicate University-sponsored activities, policy changes, alerts, or information that benefits Adelphi University’s mission and operations.

    18. The interactive discussion email lists that are provided by the IT Department are intended to facilitate optional interactive (opt-in) email discussions. A member of the Adelphi community may request discussion email lists and function as their custodian.

    19. Email distribution lists, either personal lists or IT provided lists, may not be created and/or used to send personal messages, items for sale, jokes, chain letters, Pyramid schemes, unsolicited commercial emails or any information that is of interest to only a small segment of the intended recipients.

    20. Derogatory, obscene, defamatory and/or harassing communications are prohibited.

    Deviation from Policy

    The Chief Information Officer, or his delegate, may grant deviation from this policy upon request. Violation of this policy may lead to revocation of email privileges and/or disciplinary proceedings.


    For further information, please contact:

    Office of Information Technology
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  • Information Technology
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